ICH1Fully compliant with ICH guidelines for drug photostability testing under ICH option-1 exposure. This photoreactor utilizes a highly efficient ceramic xenon lamp providing, with just 300 Watt, an illumination intensity (65 watt radiant output) comparable with conventional illuminators using xenon lamps with power ratings several times higher. This allows for forced air cooling, avoiding the inconvenience and risks associated with water-cooling. The 'ozone-free' lamp is ideal for drug phototesting and solar simulated radiation over 320 nm, while the full UV lamp provides the usual xenon lamp spectrum with significant intensity at 220 nm and up. The unit includes a power meter (part number LZC-PM1) to calculate when ICH guidelines are met. The 'ozone-free' units do not require a special exhaust, since the cooling air can be exhausted in indoor-atmospheres. Many of the convenient options of other Luzchem photoreactors are readily available in these units, including magnetic stirrers, turntables, and temperature monitor. Built-in shutter, digital countdown timer, and filter holder for 2 inch square filters are standard.

Available Options for LZCX-ICH1
LZC-A Installed motor to drive sample carousels and turntable
LZC-C Turntable for solid samples. Consists of an octagon about 9 inches in diameter
LZC-E5 220V transformer
LZC-TEM Digital temperature monitor
  plus all available lamps and additional safety goggles

* Installation made by the end-user (plug-in-play equipment) *

* Technical Support supplied exclusively by Luzchem in Canada *

* Warranty covered by Luzchem in Canada (The warranty cover spare parts and labor for equipment returned to the Luzchem factory in Canada - All costs to send/return the equipment to/from Canada aren't covered by warranty) * *

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