LIBS Spectrometers

f/7 f/10 f/10 f/10 f/50 Aperture
5,000-11,000 7.000-15,000 9,000-50,000 75,000-150,000 2.5 Mio.-10 Mio. Spectral resolution
190-1,100 nm 175-1,100 nm 175-1,100 nm175-1,100 nm 157-1,100 nm Max. wavelength range
up to 600 nm up to 600 nm up to 450 nm 1-10 nm8-400 pm Simultaneous inspection range
300-862 nm 210-800 nm 190-330/330-850 nm 190-900 nm190-550 nm Typ. wavelength range
60-172 pm 23-90 pm 6-11 pm / 13-24 pm 2.5-12 pm85-240 fm Resolution FWHM
210x120x85 260x160x185 650x280x250 750x310x230 1,400x310x250 Dimensions (mm)
2 kg 7.3 kg 20 kg 25 kg 50 kg Weight
Extremely compact
and cost-efficient
high-resolution echelle
spectrometer for
the material/elemental
analysis in industry by means of LIBS and
Raman spectroscopy
Compact high-resolution
echelle spectrometer for
the material/elemental
analysis in industry by
means of LIBS and
Raman spectroscopy
Powerful high-resolution
echelle spectrometer for
the material/elemental
analysis with LIBS and
Raman spectroscopy
in industry and science.
Very high resolution
and optical throughput
for the production and
quality control of diode
and solid state lasers
isotope spectroscopy
commercial spectrometer
series, for the characterization of
narrow-band lasers,
isotope spectroscopy

LIBSpector - Sample Chamber

Enter the next
level of LIBS analysis


A compact and intuitive to operate benchtop sample chamber for the qualitative and quantitative LIBS analysis of various substances.

  • For solid, liquid and gaseous samples
  • Motorized XYZ stage
  • Laser class 1 housing
  • Built-in LIBS laser head optional
  • Combinable with spectrometer series ARYELLE and DEMON
  • Benchtop equipment for scientific and industrial applications

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