Solar Simulators

SolSim: Luzchem Solar Simulator

Solar SimulatorSolar simulated radiation based on a powerful 300W ceramic xenon lamp. A reliable exposure tool enclosed in a standard photoreactor cabinet. Under recommended illumination conditions it produces a circle of approximately 6.5" (16 cm) in diameter matching spectrally and approximately in intensity the AM1.5 solar spectrum. Includes shutter, timer and calibrated power meter (part number LZC-PMV) for ensuring AM 1.5 intensity match. The excellent ventilation system characteristic of all Luzchem photoreactors limits the temperature to only 3-4°C above ambient temperature. Purchase it alone, or in combination with a Luzchem spectroradiometer for significant savings when purchased as a package. This unit is ideal for solar spectrum simulation, for environmental studies, photostability studies, or as a tool to determine solar energy conversion by photovoltaics, solar cells and new dye-doped semiconductors.

Solar Simulator vs. AM 1.5 Graph

* Installation made by the end-user (plug-in-play equipment) *

* Technical Support supplied exclusively by Luzchem in Canada *

* Warranty covered by Luzchem in Canada (The warranty cover spare parts and labor for equipment returned to the Luzchem factory in Canada - All costs to send/return the equipment to/from Canada aren't covered by warranty) **

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