About Us

QuantumTech represents a selected list of equipment production companies, from North America, Europe and Asia.

QuantumTech represents in Brazil many of the world’s biggest suppliers of scientific equipment in the areas related to Cameras, Lasers and LEDs, Laser Flash Photolysis Systems, Laser Accessories (Modulation, Deflection and Pulse Selection Systems, Optical Isolators, Polarization Converter and Noise Eaters), Laser Imaging Systems (PIV, LIF/PLIF, DIC/DVC, LII e Optical sensor systems), Laser Measurement and Control Products, Microscopes, Optical Tables and Platforms, Photon Counting and Timing Instrumentation, Photoreactors, Solar Simulators and Spectrometers.

These products are been used in renowned and active laboratories of universities, institutes and industry.

QuantumTech operate in Brazil since 1999, which provided us with outstanding experience to assist you in acquiring the most appropriate equipment for your research project.

Our company is in the heart of São Paulo, in São Carlos, important developing technology center.

We will be pleased to help you.