Laser Flash Photolysis Systems

Miniaturized Laser Flash Photolysis

Luzchem Research, founded at 1997, manufactures specialized instrumentation for the study of the interaction of light with materials, including photostability chambers, xenon illuminators, solar simulators and laser flash photolysis equipment.

Luzchem Research Inc. has released the latest version of their patented turn-key miniaturized laser flash photolysis system. The LFP-412 is now available.

This system that makes complex electronics, cumbersome software and large optical benches a thing of the past. The LFP system incorporates everything needed except the excitation laser. This is a simple, yet powerful instrument, ready to perform a wide range of time resolved kinetic and spectroscopic measurements involving transient absorption or diffuse reflectance.The LFP system, including the monochromator and digitizer is completely computer controlled, making it easy to obtain kinetic and spectral data.

LFP-412 - Transient Absorption

Complete Laser Flash Photolysis (LFP) system for Transient Absorption. Designed for spectroscopic and kinetic absorption measurements, as well as emission (fluorescence) measurements. Luzchem's LFP can generate a 5 volt trigger pulse suitable for most lasers with programmable frequency and delay.

Three Models available:

LFP-412_UV (range: 240-740nm)

LFP-412_RED (range: 310-850 nm)

LFP-412_OF (range: 330-850 nm)

LFP-422 - Diffuse Reflectance

Laser photolysis transient diffuse reflectance spectrometer for spectroscopic and kinetic absorption measurements.

Three Models available:

LFP-422_UV (range: 200-740nm)

LFP-422_RED (range: 310-850nm)

LFP-422_OF (range: 330-850nm)