Laser Measurement and Control

Coherent offers a range of laser measurement and control products including laser power and energy meters, laser beam diagnostics, laser measurement tools, laser mode measuring and spectral analysis instruments.

EnergyMax Laser Sensors
A full range of pyroelectric energy sensors capable of measuring pulsed lasers across a wide range of wavelengths, energies, and repetition rates.
EnergyMax-USB/RS Sensors
EnergyMax sensors with instrument electronics miniaturized and integrated within the sensor head cable itself.
Sensors - Laser Power
A diverse portfolio of nearly 100 different standard laser power sensors over a broad range of laser output characteristics.
PowerMax-USB/RS Sensors
PowerMax thermopile sensors with instrument electronics miniaturized and integrated within the sensor head cable.

PowerMax-Pro Sensor
The newest generation in sensor technology, a million times faster than thermopiles, enhances productivity and quality while improving measurement speed.
PowerMax-Pro USB and RS Sensors
LabMax-Pro instrumentation embedded directly within the sensor cable and an annual calibration cost that is half that of a separate meter and sensor system.
kW PowerMax-Pro Sensor
Kilowatt class power measurement with extended average power handling capability up to 3 kW with a 30 microsecond rise time.
Laser Power and Energy Meters
An extensive portfolio of laser power and energy meters.

Instrument Accessories
A wide selection of accessories designed to extend the convenience and utility of our laser power and energy measurement products.
Laser Beam Diagnostics
Laser Beam Profiler, Laser Beam Analyzer and Laser Beam Propagation.
LabMax-Pro Mobile App
Compact, portable, and wireless operation of laser power and energy sensors using off-the-shelf mobile devices with the capability to save and export data from inside, or outside, the lab.
Reduced Price Power Meter /
Sensor Kits

A selection of bundled power meters and sensors available at up to 30% off.