Diode Lasers

Unmounted diode laser bars, fiber coupled devices, and full turnkey diode systems in a range of wavelengths, power and configurations.

Coherent, founded in 1966, is a leading global provider of solutions based on laser, with a diversified portfolio of laser sources for a wide range of commercial and scientific applications.

Leveraging Coherent’s vertically integrated semiconductor manufacturing line and operational excellence, Coherent high power diode lasers set the standard for performance and reliability, while ensuring superior batch-to-batch consistency and overall quality. Our product offering includes unmounted bars and chips, packaged bars, horizontal arrays, vertical stacks, fiber coupled diodes, line sources, and full turnkey diode systems. Available wavelengths include 780-830nm, 880nm, 915-980nm, 1060nm, and 1400-1500nm. Customized options can also be developed meeting the unique requirements of our customers.

Conduction Cooled Package (CCP)
Powers up to 80W CW and 250W QCW
Custom and OEM Diode Laser Products
Custom and OEM High Power Diode Laser Products
Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes
FAP Arrays offered in 600 µm and 800 µm core fiber sizes
G-Stack Diode Lasers
Conduction-cooled QCW arrays for pumping, illumination, and direct diode needs
Horizontal Diode Laser Arrays
Diode laser arrays for side pumping, providing up to 50W/bar CW and 250W/bar QCW
Micro Channel Cooled Package (MCCP)
Packaged bars and vertical stacks based on micro-channel cooling technology
Single Emitter Diode Lasers
Packaged single emitter devices
Unmounted Diode Laser Bars (UMB)
Wide range of wavelengths, powers, and emitter configurations