Double-Pulse Nd:YAG Lasers

A range of multipulse lasers for your applications.

Established in 1970, Quantel is a recognized expert in the manufacturing of solid-state laser systems for scientific, military, industrial and medical applications.

Our customers are the driving force of our research, development and product innovations. We provide reliable, technologically advanced laser systems to help you to achieve your specific goals.

EverBright (150-250 mJ @ 1064 nm)
The EverBright is a new laser for double pulse LIBS applications.
EverGreen (70-200 mJ)
The EverGreen is a dual pulsed laser for PIV applications with a choice of pulse energies and repetition rates: 70 mJ, 145 mJ or 200 mJ at 15 Hz and 100 mJ at 25 Hz. The system consists of a single laser head with a single power supply.
EverGreen HP (50-340 mJ)
The EverGreen HP covers 15 – 200 Hz with pulse energies of 340 – 50 mJ at 532 nm. The laser head is compact for easy integration and sealed to operate in various environments.

Q-smart Twins (90-730 mJ)
The Q-smart Twins combines two proven Q-smart 850 lasers to
achieve dual pulses in IR, visible and UV.