Ion Lasers

Small- and large-frame argon, krypton and mixed-gas Ion Lasers with wavelengths available from the UV to the IR.

Coherent, founded in 1966, is a leading global provider of solutions based on laser, with a diversified portfolio of laser sources for a wide range of commercial and scientific applications.

Since 1969, we've provided cutting-edge ion laser technology for applications such as holography, printing, digital imaging, non-destructive testing, spectroscopy, optical pumping, confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, compact disc and DVD mastering, photomask direct imaging, printed circuit board direct imaging, and precision optics inspection.

Innova 70
Available in argon, krypton and mixed-gas; output from the UV to the IR.
Innova 90
Provides high levels of ion laser performance with long-term reliability.
Innova 300C
Innova 300C lasers are available in many different configurations to meet a variety of application needs.

Innova FreD
Ion lasers designed to produce CW laser light in the 229 to 264 nm wavelength range.
Innova Sabre
The ultimate in high-power ion laser performance, combined with ease-of-use.
Innova ICE
Optimal Cooling Option for Small Frame Ion Lasers.