Ultrafast Laser Oscillators and Amplifiers

Industrial-grade Scientific Lasers with repetition rates from 10 Hz to 100 MHz, and pulse energies from nJ to mJ.

Coherent, founded in 1966, is a leading global provider of solutions based on laser, with a diversified portfolio of laser sources for a wide range of commercial and scientific applications.

Coherent ultrafast lasers are designed and manufactured to provide the best performance, portfolio and support in the industry. Their cutting-edge performance is easily accessible, even for users without expertise in lasers. The wide product portfolio provides unlimited expansion capabilities to enable new and more sophisticated experiments. The exceptional performance of our ultrafast laser products is backed by a highly specialized global support organization - always close to your laboratory. Coherent provides – to every user - better ultrafast lasers, every day.

Ultrafast Amplifiers
Our ultrafast amplifier portfolio is the most extensive available. We offer amplified pulse energies from 4 µJ to 100 mJ and repetition-rates from 10 Hz to 300 kHz. Coherent has a long and successful history of providing reliable, high-performance, ultrafast laser oscillators and amplifiers. Today, we offer the widest range of ultrafast products available. We can supply every component in your ultrafast laser system pump lasers, oscillators, amplifiers, tunable OPAs and accessories. And we provide the industry's most experienced and extensive sales, service and applications support.

Next-generation, kHz amplifier combining leading-edge performance and industrialized durability.
Legend Elite
High power, kHz,Ti:Sapphire amplifiers with integrated pump laser.
Legend Elite Cryo PA
Cryogenically cooled single-pass Ti:Sapphire power amplifier.
One-Box Ti:Sapphire amplifier.

High power, kHz, pulsed green lasers.
High energy, high peak power, 10Hz, Ti:sapphire amplifier.
High repetition rate, Ti:sapphire amplifier
with repetition rate to 500 kHz.
High power, MHz amplifier with
fiber-based MOPA architecture.

Ultrafast Ti:Sapphire Oscillators
Ultrafast oscillators designed to meet a wide range of applications and user requirements, from multi-photon excitation microscopy to time-resolved TeraHertz studies.

Vitara Family
Computer controlled adjustable
bandwith from <30 nm to >125 nm.
Chameleon Family
Lasers featuring the widest tuning range
and highest power at any wavelength.
Mira Family
Complete family of modelocked
Ti:Sapphire oscillators.

Fidelity Femtosecond Fiber Lasers

Fidelity HP Ultrafast Fiber Lasers
Coherent's revolutionary Fidelity High Power (HP) femtosecond fiber laser systems deliver world leading performance, groundbreaking power levels together with short pulses for peak intensity.
Fidelity-2 Ultrafast Fiber Oscillator
Coherent's revolutionary ultrafast fiber oscillators deliver short pulsewidths (<55 fs) and high average power (>2W) at 1070 nm in a rugged, compact package.

Femtosecond product families with wavelengths up to 1070 nm, repetition rates up to 80 MHz, and pulse widths up to 900 fs.

A diode-pumped femtosecond industrial laser
with a MOPA architecture designed for high-uptime, industrial applications.
Opera-F for Monaco
Family of optical parametric amplifiers (OPAs)
that extend the performance of Coherent’s Monaco amplifier.

Ultrafast Amplifier Accessories
The broadest portfolio of ultrafast amplifiers in the industry includes harmonic generators, many different parametric amplifier configurations, bandwidth compressors, active pulse shaping and CEP stabilization. This continuously expanding series of accessories offers unlimited possibility to customize and expand existing and new ultrafast amplifier set-ups.

CEP for Legend Elite Amplifiers
Carrier-envelope phase (CEP) stabilization for Legend amplifiers.
1 kHz Optical Parametric Amplifiers
Computer-controlled optical parametric amplifiers.
250 kHz Optical Parametric Amplifiers
Wavelength extension OPA 9400/9450, OPA 9800/9850 and DFG 9800/9850.
Harmonic Generator System (HGS)
Second/third/fourth harmonic accessory for Ti:S amplifiers.

Single-Shot Autocorrelator (SSA)
Pulse width diagnostic for Legend Elite, Libra and Hidra.
OPerA Solo Ultrafast
Optical Parametric Amplifier

Fully integrated, computer-controlled femtosecond optical parametric amplifiers (OPA).
Fully integrated, computer-controlled femtosecond optical parametric amplifiers (OPA).
DFG 9800/9850
The difference frequency generators (DFG) 9800/9850 are wavelength extension accessories for the OPA 9800 and OPA 9850 to extend the final wavelength into the mid-IR.

OPA 9400/9450
The optical parametric amplifiers extend the wavelength coverage
of the RegA 9000/RegA 9040 high repetition-rate (250 kHz) regenerative
amplifiers into the visible and infrared spectral ranges.
OPA 9800/9850
The OPA 9800/9850 optical parametric amplifiers extend the wavelength
coverage of the RegA 9050 high repetition-rate regenerative amplifiers
into the visible and infrared spectral ranges.

Ultrafast Oscillator Accessories
Femtosecond product families with wavelengths up to 1070 nm, repetition rates up to 80 MHz, and pulse widths up to 900 fs.

Mira OPO
Extends the wavelength coverage of the Mira to the visible and the IR.
Vitara-CEP Stabilizer
Carrier to Envelope Phase (CEP) Stabilizer accessory for Vitara.
Harmonic Generator
SHG/THG/FHG accessory for ultrafast laser oscillators.
Pulse Picker
Accessory for Mira and Chameleon to control repetition-rates.

Pulse Switch for Mira 900
A cavity dumper accessory for the Mira 900.
Pulse Compressors
Chirped mirror and prism based compressors.
Synchronization accessory for Mira and Vitara Ti:Sapphire oscillators.