CleanTop Optical Tops, Breadboards, Supports

TMC’s innovative research and development guarantee the highest level of vibration control with its CleanTop optical tops, CleanTop breadboards and Micro-g System 1 modular post supports. Several damping, skin thicknesses and material choices as well as active vibration isolation systems ensure that the most appropriate product can be designed and created for your application.

TMC designs and manufactures advanced building floor vibration isolation systems for nanotechnology. TMC isolators support ultra precision measurements, instruments, and manufacturing.

Double Density CleanTop® Optical Top

Double Density™ CleanTop® Optical Top offers twice the number of tapped holes with no changes to performance specifications.

Research Grade 784 Series

Research Grade CleanTop® provides the ultimate in optical top performance. Unmatched in the industry.

Scientific Grade 783 Series

Scientific Grade CleanTop® provides a high level of optical top performance with reduced structural damping.

Laboratory Grade 781 Series

Laboratory Grade CleanTop® provides an economical performance level for the least sensitive applications in less severe floor vibration environments.

ClassOne™ 790 Series

Our 790 Series, ClassOne™ CleanTop® optical top design is an extension of the original CleanTop adapted for cleanrooms.

Non-Magnetic 710 Series

TMC's CleanTop® Optical Top, available in a "non-mag¬netic" construction, is recommended for applications requiring the support of a high-strength magnet or the maintenance of a homogenous magnetic field.

Vacuum Compatible 730 Series

Historically, it has been extremely difficult if not impossible to adapt antivibration steel honeycomb optical tops to meet the rigorous requirements of vacuum chamber applications.

Joined Tables

CleanTop® Optical Top with Rigid Coupling.

Scientific Grade 78 Series

78 Series CleanTop® Breadboards provide the ultimate in rigidity and damping for smaller tops.

Laboratory Grade 77 Series

77 Series CleanTop® Breadboards provide the ultimate in rigidity and damping for smaller tops.

Light Weight Grade 75 Series

TMC’s 75 Lightweight Series CleanTop® Breadboards minimize both weight and cost.

Hybrid Honeycomb

Hybrid Honeycomb structures are custom designed for your unique application requirements.

4-Post Support Systems

Choose from Micro-g® vibration isolation or rigid support, with or without casters.and from a range of heights and capacities.

6-Post Support Systems

Most tops more than 10 ft (3 m) long are best supported by the Micro-g® 6-Post System with Tiebars.

Rigid-Damped Tripod

The Rigid-Damped Tripod is a low price solution for vibration sensitive tools that ar too massive to be placed on the raised floor.

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