CleanBench™ – Laboratory Tables, Faraday Cage

TMC designs and manufactures high-performance vibration isolation laboratory tables and table-top vibration isolation platforms that provide excellent vibration-free work surfaces for diverse applications such as electrophysiology, cell injection scanning-tunnel microscopy, and confocal laser scanning microscopy.

TMC designs and manufactures advanced building floor vibration isolation systems for nanotechnology. TMC isolators support ultra precision measurements, instruments, and manufacturing.

CleanBench™ Lab Tables

TMC's CleanBench incorporates TMC's unique Gimbal Piston™ Vibration Isolators and tabletop with enhanced performance and features.

High-Capacity CleanBench™ With Gimbal Piston® Vibration Isolation

For table applications that require isolating over 350 lbs (160 kg) of net load, we recommend our High Capacity CleanBench, 68-500 Series lab tables.

ClassOne™ Workstation With Gimbal Piston® Vibration Isolation

The all-stainless steel TMC ClassOne™ Workstation is a high-performance,pneumatic vibration isolation table designed from the floor up for maximum cleanroom compatibility.

Active Vibration Isolation Table

Integrating our specialized pneumatic CSP® (Compact Sub-Hertz Pendulum Isolation System) for low frequency horizontal vibration isolation with our PEPS-VX® Inertial Damper for vertical active vibration cancellation in a high capacity frame, we have produced a superior ultra-quiet active table for loads up to 1,200 pounds.

Micro-g® Lab Table

Micro-g® laboratory tables provide superior vibration control for loads up to 350 pounds (160 kg).

TableTop™ CSP®

Ideal for microscopes, this low-cost, low-profile, lightweight system with exceptional passive vibration isolation incorporates TMC’s patented CSP® isolator design.

Faraday Cage Type II

The “window-shade” type retracting front panel offers improved access and simplified assembly. This cage incorporates a stainless steel frame and copper-mesh material.

BenchTop Faraday Cage

TMC offers the same line of 40 in. tall cages with a baseplate which allows the cage to be used on a bench top without a corresponding TMC table.

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