STACIS® iX Integrated Active Piezoelectric Vibration Cancellation

Primarily designed to isolate precision microlithography, metrology, and inspection equipment in advanced semiconductor factories, STACIS is now the industry standard solution for the most sensitive instruments in noisy environments.

TMC designs and manufactures advanced building floor vibration isolation systems for nanotechnology. TMC isolators support ultra precision measurements, instruments, and manufacturing.

SEM-Base® VI

TMC’s SEM-Base® is an active vibration cancellation floor platform designeds for use with scanning electron microscopes.


TMC’s LaserTable-Base™ combines air and STACIS®, into one integrated cancellation system.


TMC’s Stage-Base™ 450 is specifically designed to be the primary vibration cancellation system for advanced semiconductor tools which incorporate high-precision motorized X-Y stages.

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