LIBS Spectrometers

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) is a type of atomic emission spectroscopy for the qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis of elements. By means of high-resolution spectrometers, the characteristic emission spectrum of an excited chemical element is measured like a fingerprint.

LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH is an innovative developer and manufacturer of short-pulse lasers in the whole optical spectral range, and of different spectrometers and laser-based measuring technique, marketing its products world-wide.

Our mission is to anticipate needs within the widest array of applications and incorporate them into our product development. Our products are characterized by a high innovation level and influence the global device standard.

Aryelle 150

Extremely compact and
cost-efficient high-resolution
echelle spectrometer.

Aryelle 200

Compact high-resolution
echelle spectrometer.

Aryelle 400

Powerful high-resolution
echelle spectrometer.

Aryelle 400 Butterfly

Double spectrograph.


Very high resolution and optical throughput
for the production and quality control of diode
and solid state lasers isotope spectroscopy


Highest-resolution commercial spectrometer series,
for the characterization of narrow-band lasers, isotope spectroscopy

Accessories for spectrometers:


Benchtop sample chamber for
spatially resolved LIBS analysis

For solid, liquid and gaseous samples

Motorized XYZ stage with joystick

Laser class 1 housing with interlock

Built-in LIBS laser head optional

Pilot laser and video monitoring


Multimode quarz fibers for laser
& spectrometer coupling

50 / 100 / 200 / 400 / 600 µm

Multimode quarz

SMA or FC/PC couplers

Bifurcated tubing



Mercury spectral lamp with
narrowband spectral lines

Hg low pressure spectral lamp

5,000 h lifetime

SMA connector

Wide range power supply

Aluminum die casting housing